Pizza Catering in Perth

Self contained mobile pizza Van/Truck for anywhere, outdoor casual catering. Self service, Covered & Heated food counter with quick service cooking and lots different pizza flavors,  Contemporary and Gourmet recipes since 2005. Our pizza catering for parties and events is always a big hit! Every Party loves freshly baked pizza. We supply plates and napkins.
We have a conservative amount of 15+ flavors on offer, right now, plus our own delicious recipe of Dessert pizza and also Pork, Beef meat balls and 3 different flavors of Chicken wing sides. You can choose all the pizza flavors or just pick what you really like and we’ll always suggest a few extra, possibly more popular pizza flavors to add.
No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, we can deliver something for everyone’s tastes. To book your event, text us now on 0401 215 180.

Our Menu

Pizza Parties catering means a lot of hungry guests, with different pizza preferences, will get food fast, very little waiting and a big variety of freshly baked pizzas. Our light, old family secret,  pizza base is covered in generous amounts of toppings, evenly spread and cooked to perfection. Our pizza Menu includes:

  • Traditional Aussie style Pizza
  • Italian style Pizza
  • Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Pizzas also available

Plus extra side dishes for extra variety. 

Dessert Pizzas
Chicken Wings
Meat Balls
Sourdough Garlic Breads

Dessert Pizzas

Pizza catering doesn’t stop with cheese and pepperoni. Pizza Parties Perth also offers delicious, sweet base, dessert pizzas to put a sweet cap on your party! Ask about our decade old, tried and tested: Chocolate & Strawberry and or Red Berry & Banana pizza flavours, you wont be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Mobile Pizza Catering Work?

After you book/secure a party date, a deposit is not immediately required and we will only ask for a deposit if someone else tries to book the same date, after you do. In the meantime I will scope out your party site via Google Earth, a drive by or maybe even an appointed visit, to check out the site personally.

About one week before the event, I will contact you to build a custom preferred menu and plan a cooking start time. On the day of your event, we arrive 2-3 hours before your cooking time to set up and prepare the pizzas ready for cooking. During your party, we will offer your guests a big variety of freshly cooked pizzas and if required, when at least half the pizzas are cooked, we can carry a few trays of pizza inside the party area to serve to your guests.

How Long Do We Serve?

A Pizza Parties Perth cooking session is normally spread over a minimum period of one hour for the smaller events. This time will be longer for a higher number of guests. Even though we can cook fast, about 60+ pizzas an hour, we like to spread a cooking session out for the late arriving guests. Between preparation and cooking time, we are usually on-site for a minimum 3-4-5 hours pending then guest numbers.

What our Mobile Pizza Truck or Pizza Van about?

Our mobile pizza Van was built to commercial food standards and is a complete, self-contained pizza kitchen, also referred to as a Pizza Truck in the USA and other countries ..

  • We take our rubbish away and wash in our own kitchen with our water and waste tanks.
  • The Van is 5.5 meters long and 2.3 meters wide and 2.8 meters high, including the pizza oven chimney.
  • The Heated pizza Serving counter, is on the passenger side and slides out 400mm and the overhead awning folds out about 800mm.
  • Our pizza oven runs on LPG with an enclosed flame chamber and is not a fire risk. This modern oven cooks quickly, is smoke-free and clean-burning, low carbon fuel. LPG can be considered a green form of energy.
  • Pizza Parties Perth mobile pizza kitchen complies with the National Health Code for food vending vehicles and WA Hygiene and Health Regulations and we have surprise Health inspection 3 times a year .

Pizza Delivery vs. Our Mobile Pizza Catering?

Pizza Parties Perth is the easiest and most affordable food catering for parties and the pizzas are served fresh from the oven to our self serve heated counter. It’s like sitting in a pizza restaurant, that’s how fresh! Our pizza Van allows for an easy setup and we get food cooking right away at your desired time, without pitching down tent or marque pegs or hassling your property, neighbours or guests. We roll in, set up, cook clean and Fast, then roll out Clean, after everyone is fed.

Big bonus! Yes, we do leave all the leftover pizzas and cook any leftover uncooked pizzas for you to refrigerate or for your guests to eat later on.


What are the Advantages of an LPG Pizza Oven?

A modern LPG oven burns clean, without soot or embers and cools down faster. With an enclosed chamber LPG oven, there is no fire risk for the surrounding area. Your neighbours will not complain about smoke plumes drifting through their house or yard. With our gas oven (enclosed flame chamber), there is no relevance to an imposed total fire ban in your area during the summer.

What if My Party is out of the Perth CBD or in a Remote Area?

In a park/reserve or near a beach, in any remote open windy area or fire restricted area, our Pizza Parties Van is set up for most adverse conditions. Wind is not a problem and our cooking process is done in an enclosed “fire chamber” oven with No visible open flames and No smoke or embers. We also carry a diesel Generator for remote, autonomous, mains power when required.  Travel Charges apply if your event is more than 15 kilometres from the Centre of the Perth CBD, at $3 per kilometre.

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